SR-2801 Fernbedienung

SR-2801 Fernbedienung
5 Zonen Funkdimmer
Kompatibel mit dem Dimmer SR-2501NS


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Name SR-2801 Fernbedienung
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SR-2801 is a remote wireless LED dimmer switch with RF signal output to switch and dim single color LED lighting.

With compact sleek appearance and user-friendly interface, the RF wireless dimmer can control 5 zones separately and offer smooth dimming from 0.1% to 100% without any flickering for single color LED lighting, which is really comfortable for human eyes.

With imported battery inside, the remote dimmer switch can be powered for up to 2 years and you do not have to replace the battery frequently. Compatible with single color easy RF receivers which are available in both constant voltage and constant current versions, the wireless dimmer can control different types of LED lights. The wireless control distance from the dimmer switch to the receiver can be up to 20 meters. Key Features Reliable & stable switch and dimming control function, control range ≥20M. Battery in the remote is with long life span. It normally can use for 5 years. Switch on/off of lightings slowly, without any flash, meet the comfort of human eyes. Dimming range 0.1-100%. Use with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly. Enable to control 5 zones separately, each zone can be set endless receivers, each receiver maximally be controlled by 8 different remotes. Enable to be dimmed and switched ON/OFF by push button after connecting receivers.

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